We are a sustainable design studio for conscious brands, specialising in crafting impactful brand identities and experiences for businesses that want to make real change in the world. 

Our purpose is to provide businesses with the clarity and tools they need to make an impact for a kinder and greener world, through our dedication to expert brand identity and packaging design, inspiring client experiences and a deep love for design.

a big impact with your customers and a small impact on the planet

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After graduating from my master's degree in 2017, I knew I wanted to use my knowledge and expertise to make a change in the world. Never letting go of my creative side and passion for sustainability, in 2020 I took the leap to become a full-time brand designer and never looked back since!

I'm inspired by everything around me, from the amazing stories I read and ambitious businesses that challenge the status quo, to learning how to care for our planet and the diverse communities living all around the world.

When I'm not building brands, you'll find me buying more books than I can ever read or taking care of my little balcony garden. All with a cup of coffee in hand most likely.

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I'm Denisa,

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I loved our Zoom meetings - talking directly to Denisa was great. She’s approachable, kind and has great ideas and knowledge - I'm so glad I found her. Her communication was great as well - knowing what to expect and when was so useful and a wonderful surprise when something arrived early.

Kindness for the people and the planet. Everything we do is driven by our desire to treat everyone and everything with kindness and respect. From our clients and peers to our working environments and nature, we believe in being kind, fair and respectful of all people, creatures and the nature around us.

always be kind

We believe in sharing our knowledge with others and creating an open environment for businesses (and designers) to learn from our expertise. From female-owned business groups to local sustainability events, we've held (and still do!) numerous free webinars and events aimed at businesses like yours.

provide value

Our design studio is built on the strong belief that people and our planet should come before profit. We believe that by protecting and caring for others and our planet we empower other businesses to do the same, thus creating a greener and kinder world, for our clients, our communities and ourselves.

people and planet first

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While you build your business, it’s our job to strategise and create a brand that brings your mission and values to life in a unique and impactful way. And ultimately bring you more clients! Are you ready?

More than just design...
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Let's get personal!

I still dream of living in Barcelona for a year
I love growing my own fruit and veg
Being under the warm summer rain brings me such much happiness

I can't get enough of cuddles with my cat Miso

In songs, lyrics are just as important as the rhythm

I'm very detail oriented